What you can gift a nerd or book lover on his birthday?

Book lovers are cute! You can please them easily. You don’t need to please them with brownies or cheesy burgers. All you need is to take care of them. They are very sensitive. They can sense that someone is caring for them. And the best way to show them that you are caring for them is to gift them their favourite things. 

Book lovers have so many favourite things but you can gift them following on the day of their birthday. You don’t need to look at exhibition stand companies in Dubai or go at display stands Dubai to find something special. All you need is to know their psyche. 

And their psyche want the following:

  1. Book: Gift them their favourite books and novels. You can gift them different books too, if you don’t know about their likes and dislikes. You can gift them according to your own knowledge and guesses. Like you surprise them with any self-help book or pictorial book or a book of their favourite subject and topic. You can gift them novel too. 
  2. Journal: Book lovers are hidden writers too. Writers are always in need of pen and diaries. So, gift them beautiful and creative diaries whose cover can attract them. The diary should be gifted with pen or pencil. It is better to surprise them with medium sized diary that would have good pages and spiral.
  3. Reader’s Digest: Reader’s Digest is favourite of all book lovers. You can gift tens and twenties of these magazines to please them. You can buy them from anywhere.
  4. Character’s favourite things: If you know your friend’s favourite novel, so gift them something which is related to the favourite character of their favourite novel. You have no idea that how much it will please them. You can gift them Harry Potter like glasses or magic wand or customized shirt that would have their favourite dialogues. 
  5. Customized Cups and Sticky notes: Order customized cups for them on which names of their favourite books and characters would be written or their comic pictures would be drawn to please them. These cute joys matter for them a lot. Try to give them such joys and fun.
  6. Visit to Library: Take them for visit to their favourite library or gift them membership of it. They will like it the most because they would then issue their favourite books or most wanted books easily at any time without any tension of spending more money and leaving empty hands at the end of the month.
  7. Original version: You can gift them original version of their favourite or their dearly books to make the book and day more special.